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Executive Director (ED) for private, nonprofit membership corporation and Statewide Partner of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. ED serves as the APA's chief executive officer, responsible to the Board of Directors. Responsibilities include development and implementation of a strategic plan process; financial management; administration of operations and programs; responding to calls for assistance and information; and membership and funding development working with board of directors. Serves as chief spokesperson and represents the APA in public forums and with the legislature. Experience and demonstrated abilities in these areas essential.

APA is the only grassroots citizens group that provides a statewide voice for preservation of historic properties, sites, and cultural resources that contribute to Alabama's heritage. Active program of outreach and assistance, rambles, workshops, and events associated with annual meeting held in conjunction with Alabama Historical Commission (the SHPO). Cosponsors annual most endangered list and has a small revolving fund. APA budget is approximately $100,000. APA has had an Executive Director since 1998.

The APA office is in Montgomery, a city of 220,000 that is the state capital and the location of the Alabama Historical Commission. Montgomery has two four-year colleges, several junior colleges and technical schools, and branch campuses of two State universities. The City has its own symphony and is the home of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, a major Southern repertory theater. Additionally there are several museums in the City, including an art museum and historical museums. The capital is the home of statewide arts and cultural organizations as well as the Alabama Dance Theater and Montgomery Ballet.



Executive Director

Reports to President, Alabama Preservation Alliance

The executive director (ED) serves as the chief executive officer and chief spokesperson of the APA, responsible to the Board of Directors for achieving the goals set forth in the strategic plan and for successfully managing all operations of the Alliance. With the president, the executive director assists the board of directors in fulfilling its governance and fiduciary functions.

The executive director, in partnership with the board, ensures that the flow of funds permits the APA to make steady progress toward the achievement of its mission, and that those funds are allocated properly to reflect the present needs and future potential of the organization. The ED develops an annual budget for adoption by the Board, maintains that budget throughout the year, and works with Board members to cultivate sources of major funding.

As the chief executive officer, the ED is responsible for implementing the APA's mission as the guiding principle of the organization: "The Alabama Preservation Alliance promotes, educates, and advocates the preservation and conservation of historic properties, sites, and cultural resources that contribute significantly to the heritage of the State of Alabama, its institutions, and its people. The ED assists the Board in developing a long-range plan to achieve the mission. The ED ensures consistent and timely progress in developing and implementing programs as directed by the board.

The ED, working with the president, develops agendas for meetings and annual calendars of events, and ensures their implementation. The ED keeps the president and board fully informed on the financial condition of the organization. He or she works with the president to ensure the committee structure of the board functions effectively.

The ED works with the board to formulate and administer all major policies. The ED also acts as liaison to other historic preservation entities at the local, state and national levels (e.g., the National Trust, local historic preservation commissions, Main Street programs, the Alabama Historical Commission, etc.). This will include travel throughout the State when necessary to meet with affiliated organizations and provide services to members.

Principal duties and responsibilities:

Board Relationship: Reports to the president and accountable to the Board of Directors. Works in a team relationship with the president and with members of the executive committee, as appropriate. Provides guidance and information leading to planning, program and policy adoption by the board and responsible for implementation after adoption. Serves as staff to designated committees and task forces, maintains records of all meetings, and assists committees and task forces in their work. Provides board guidance in establishment of policies in compliance with 501 (c) (3) requirements.

Planning: Works with the Board to develop and maintain a strategic planning process with long-term and short-term objectives that identify and address the needs of preservation in Alabama through programs and services, public policy, and advocacy. The planning process and its implementation must also address and always consider the needs of the organization for long term stability and growth.

Financial Management/Fund Development: Has overall responsibility for all aspects of fiscal management, including assuring adequate financing for current operating needs and long-term goals. Writes and administers grants at the direction of the board of directors. Works with the finance committee by (1) implementing the budget process; (2) reporting APA's total financial position in a timely manner; and (3) maintaining financial controls. Prepares monthly financial information for the finance committee and for an annual audit by the organization's accounting firm.

Leadership Development: Assures leadership development for board and staff through regular training opportunities, working with the Board Development Committee and utilizing local, state and national resources.

Public Relations: Works to achieve and maintain a positive, visible image throughout the State, assuring that the Alabama Preservation Alliance is known as a valued and effective preservation agency. Serves as co-editor of the quarterly newsletter, which requires article solicitation and writing, and oversight of production for timely distribution. Represents the Alabama Preservation Alliance to appropriate community groups. Interprets and markets the Alabama Preservation Alliance through the media and the production of Alabama Preservation Alliance materials.

Facilities Management: Assures the proper use, management, security and upkeep of APA facilities, owned and rented. Through the budgeting process, allocates resources for necessary maintenance as well as capital improvements.

Human Resources Management: Employs, assigns, supervises, evaluates performance of and terminates staff. Works with the president and executive committee to develop personnel policies and administers those policies.

Ensures that (1) legal requirements of employer are met; (2) personnel policies are reviewed and updated regularly; and (3) consideration is given to any questions or deviations from policy.

Relationships and Outreach: Maintains contacts with Board members, APA membership, volunteers, and staff. Works extensively with other funding sources, community groups and planning agencies. Maintains sound relationships with community, statewide, and national organizations, and serves as a resource on the special needs of preservation in Alabama.

Education: College degree required; nonprofit management, leadership, and historic preservation training preferred.

Qualifications Desired

Energetic, articulate, experienced leader with a demonstrated commitment to historic preservation.

Excellent organizational and administrative skills, preferably in managing a private, nonprofit organization.

Successful experience raising funds from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

Able to work effectively and persuasively with a wide variety of people and institutions, including Board, members, staff, volunteers, donors, local/neighborhood groups, elected officials, government leaders, business community, real estate community, and media.

Strong communications skills, both oral and written.

Demonstrated ability to recruit, develop, and manage volunteers and staff.

Skill or experience in marketing or sales.

Knowledge of Alabama history a plus.

The successful applicant will be required to keep flexible hours with evening and weekend work anticipated.

Salary: Commensurate with experience.

References: A minimum of three professional references is required.

Process: Cover letter and resume that address the above points must be received by February 27th (include email and telephone contact information). Send to Alice Bowsher, APA Search Committee Chair, 5 Norman Drive, Birmingham, AL 35213, email (if resume is sent by email, paste it into the document rather than as an attachment). Applications will be held in confidence. Qualified applicants will be sent a brief questionnaire to be returned within 7 days. Personal interviews are anticipated April 6.